Will you be our co-producer? 

Dearest Earthlings, 

The 2020 Film Festival From MARS is cancelled. What to say…. With our lives upended we continue to fathom the many ways our global society might recover from this tragic pandemic and change for the better as a result. Amidst all the challenges, of which there have been far too many, we remain people who are destined to create. In that spirit, we are launching a documentary project called My Life During COVID-19. And, we want you to co-produce it with us. 


Our project, titled "My Life During COVID-19," will be a compilation of short videos created by YOU. We invite all the brilliant Earthlings out there to submit a short that documents your life during this world-historic moment. Our collaboration will serve as a time capsule to rediscover in the future. It will premiere at the Film Festival From MARS 2021. 


To kick this off, we are hosting free webinars to help students create documentary films. Feel free to register your students, yourself and your child. Recordings of past webinars will be available here as teaching and learning tools.

Your creativity is needed 

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